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Lower Providence, PA

Lower Providence was looking to find a customizable GIS software solution that would allow them to manage multiple processes in the office and in the field across multiple departments. The Township also wanted a way to license businesses in the township and to renew those licenses each year with an inspection and fee payment process that would track the license fees had been paid and those that had not. Customized reporting enabled them to monitor financials daily and integrate with their accounting system to reduce double entry in multiple systems.

The Township due to their large number of commercial businesses wanted also to track alarm notifications and charge fees for false alarms. Together with the Township we developed new functionality to track these notifications and charge fees to frequent offenders.

The Township’s inspectors in the field employ mobile devices to perform their work on site where the inspections take place.  Scheduling and code enforcement are now also being done in the field in real time which increases efficiency by eliminating double-handling of information and streamlining communication.


  • Asset Centrl

  • Permit Centrl

  • Work Centrl

  • Inspections Centrl

  • Land Centrl


  • Maximize mobile platforms for flexibility of staff and technology

  • Create integration between existing systems at the Township

  • Management of address data and business licensing and inspections as those properties evolve over time

  • Extensive scheduling and reporting enhancements


  • Web-Based GIS

  • Asset Management

  • Parcel / Land Use

  • Construction Permitting

  • Mobile inspections

  • Inspection scheduling/calendar integration

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