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Bonita Springs, FL

The City of Bonita Springs, FL uses TRAISR to manage their extensive GIS inventory.   Controlling stormwater is a big challenge in the gulf coast region so having dependable access to their facility information is paramount.  The City has developed a number of service-oriented work orders to help them track issues with their system to respond quickly and accurately. 


Whether it’s tracking service calls for stopped-up storm drains or contractors mowing the grass Traisr does it for the City. 


  • Asset Centrl

  • Work Centrl

  • Inspections Centrl


  • Implement technology solution across multiple departments within a large organization

  • Be able to edit and update GIS in the field

  • Widespread use in the field across devices and platforms

  • Offline data capture


  • Web-Based GIS

  • Asset Management

  • Mobile inspections

  • Browser-based GIS editing

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