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GIS GPS Tracking Snow removal
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Integrated GPS & GIS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Centrl uses GPS and GIS data integration to give you live, real time data to manage emergencies, deal with weather issues, track vehicles, and report back to residents or customers. Use it to make faster, smarter decisions in a current incident, and be better prepared for the next one. Track your vehicles, know where they are and what they are doing.

  • View driving history & paths

  • Color coded by last pass time

  • Intersection to intersection tracking

  • Closest vehicle to address

  • Public portal

GPS Centrl Features

  • Automatic detection of:

    • Brining

    • Salting

    • Plowing

    • Leaf collection

    • Roadside mowing

    • Street sweeping


Operations Centrl log - plow tracking.png


GPS Centrl - Integrated GPS Vehicle Tracking

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