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Solutions for every need.

Want one? Want it all? YOU CHOOSE and add-on as needed. 

TRAISR is a modular system that lets you choose as much or as little software as you need right now.

Whether you're managing signal assets, a fleet of township vehicles, or an entire transit system.

Check Out Our Software in Action!

Asset Management
  • Know Exact Geolocations

  • Store Comprehensive Files

  • Access from Any Device

Our most robust module. With a few clicks you can find an asset's images, permits, plans, CAD files, and more! Then use the information for inventory, maintenance and management. 

GPS Tracking

Uses GPS to give you live, real-time data to manage emergencies, deal with weather issues, track vehicles, and report back to residents and customers.

Citizen portal

Facilitates real transparency between you and your residents or clients. With a few clicks you can share information with them, and they can share issues with you -- complete with geolocations & snapshots.

Work order management

Enables supervisors and staff to quickly launch work orders for routine maintenance, incidents or emergencies. Managers are copied automatically, and time and materials can be tracked as well. 

Permit management

A smart, configurable tool for generating permits, enforcing compliance, issuing fines and planning inspections. It also streamlines communication between departments.

Inspection management

Helps you schedule inspections, routine or emergency. It also offers condition ratings, which are useful for maintenance scheduling and risk assessment. 

Land parcels

Offers accurate parcel and zoning data. Both public and private citizens can use it to generate a buffer zone around an entity such as a street or parcel, and then communicate with residents in that zone.

Fleet management

Allows you to manage and schedule work orders for vehicle maintenance, track maintenance history, and maintain a schedule of activities. 



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Municipal & Public Works Management Solutions 

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