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GIS Software Solutions & Municipal System Integration Services 


Our team's expertise extends from our core product through additional, customizable services to deliver a solution that exactly fits your needs.


We also pride ourselves on providing comprehensive training and support to enable your team to fully harness TRAISR's array of capabilities. 





Solution Types

  • ArcGIS Enterprise

    • Server​

    • Portal

    • Data Store

    • Web Adapter

  • Spatial Analysis​

  • Network Analysis





For over 15 years, McMahon has been designing, developing and deploying GIS applications for Local and State Government.   McMahon’s application group is well versed in Esri’s and Googles APIs, as well as the latest technologies, which include but are not limited to the following: .net, JavaScript, HTML5, REST/JSON.




Our team has performed over 40 implementations for government agencies and we understand the processes and workflows related to everyday business, as well as larger projects, budgeting and reporting that is necessary. We work closely with managers and staff to understand the requirements needed for a successful implementation. 




Certain projects call for data integrations with existing active software system.  Our team has performed various real-time and nightly integrations that allows for pushing or pulling of data between TRAISR and the required application.



Any software is only as good as the data it houses. One of the first steps in an implementation project is to analyze existing datasets before migration. Our analysis is critical to ensuring the application functions as expected and the data is clean and accurate. 

  • Data conversion

  • Spreadsheets

  • GIS Dataset examples

    • Parcel Data (managing suites / condos / development / easements)

    • Stormwater (pipes, manholes, inlets, basins, outfalls)

    • Sanitary Sewer (pipes, manholes, pump stations, treatment plants, laterals)

    • Transportation (pavement, markings, signs, traffic signals, street lights, bridges, guiderails)

  • Existing database

  • Images, documents & videos

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Having a well-trained staff is often the key to a successful implementation of any software. Additionally, we want to enable your staff to discover all of TRAISR's capabilities to improve operations.  Our team takes the time to ensure a true knowledge transfer so all levels are trained and self-sufficient before we consider an implementation to be complete.

Training Types

  • On-Site

  • Remote interactive training



When contacting our U.S.-based support team, you will not sit in limbo. Our support team is dedicated to providing a response, if not a solution, within 30 minutes of receiving a request.