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Asset Centrl is the core of TRAISR.   It gives you the ability to manage any type of asset within a user-friendly web-based GIS.  It tracks everything from storm water and sanitary sewer to roadways and facilities, and everything in between.  There are currently over 3,000,000 unique assets stored within TRAISR being managed by over 1,000 users. 

With a few clicks, you can find an asset's geolocation, images, permits, plans, CAD files, and more! Then use that information for inventory, maintenance, management and reporting. 


And since TRAISR is cross-platform HTML5 -compliant, it's accessible from smart phones and tablets. 

  • Asset agnostic  

  • Track conditions

  • Monitor depreciation

  • Unlimited levels of asset hierarchy

  • Customizability

  • Security

Asset Centrl Features

  • Document management

  • Browser-based PDF editing

  • ArcGIS Collector integration

  • Local government model

  • Edit spatial data


Asset dashboard - work orders permits docs.png


Asset Centrl - Asset Management Application 

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