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GIS Data Integration

All of our development is U.S.-based. We have a team of development staff located in our Plymouth Meeting, PA office that is responsible for all application programming.


Led by our COO Brian Berdel and Lead Programmer Gaurav Patel, we strive to build upon the newest technologies in a rapidly evolving technological world.  


With quarterly deployments, we are constantly adding new features and improving on the existing functionality.   As clients request new features, we prioritize, develop, test and deploy them.  


TRAISR is hosted in Windows Azure as a multi-tenant SaaS solution.  This allows us to deploy new releases to clients at once, since all of our clients share the same code-base. 

Release Notes

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GIS Data integration


Teaming with 


for data storage and security

TRAISR uses the online platforms of 2 different business partners to store data, both of which are recognized leaders in their sectors. 


TRAISR is a GIS at its heart so we’ve partnered with Environmental Systems Research Institute, or ESRI, to use their ArcGIS Online cloud platform.  This platform not only provides GIS data storage capacity but also allows us to take advantage of the work they’re doing to improve ArcGIS Online tools and functions for their clients. 


We’ve also partnered with Microsoft, using their Azure cloud services to host SQL Server databases.  Azure services are highly available, reliable, and allow redundancy across multiple locations and systems.

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