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Centrally Manage All Permits

Permit Centrl is a smart, configurable tool for generating permits, enforcing compliance, issuing fines, and planning inspections. This module also allows for payments via an easy-to-use portal for citizens. Reports on monthly payments by municipality and square footage changes can be generated based on the requirements of your state.


Since no two municipalities process permits the same, we have made this module fully customizable with regards to the forms, permit types that are tracked and the associated approval and fee workflows that suit your department. It links directly with Inspection Centrl allowing for an easy to use inspection process for all permit types.

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It streamlines communication among departments and the reporting engine allows for customizable templates and a simplified process of getting the data you need when you need it.

  • Building permits

  • Zoning permits

  • Highway permits

  • Rental permits

  • Resale certification

  • Fire permits

Permit Centrl Features

  • Licensing

  • Violations

  • Sewer connections

  • Contractor tracking

  • Customizable fee schedules

  • Stormwater management


Permit - Middletown 2 - edit.png
Permit - Lower Providence -edit.png
Permit - Middletown -edit.png


Permit Centrl - Permit Management Application 

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