TRAISR's genesis can be traced back decades to helping our customers by developing customized applications for the management of day-to-day operations. 


We took all of this accumulated knowledge, based on in the field, end-user feedback, to create a web-based cloud solution that is available as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product. This means no installation and no maintenance. 

Our team, based in Fort Washington, PA provides all development, installation and support for the TRAISR product set.  We're local because you're local. 

Have a support question? Reach out to us at support@TRAISR.com.

John DePalma
Managing Principal

John is the Managing Principal for TRAISR. He coordinates with our COO on development and operations matters, and participates in sales demand growth, client satisfaction inquiries, and partnership opportunities. 

Dan Reavy
General Mgr. - Business Dev.

Dan is General Manager - Business Development for TRAISR, and is responsible for increasing awareness and overall sales of the platform. He also has a primary role in the development of short and long-term business plans for TRAISR and is responsible for account management and client satisfaction.

Brian Berdel
Chief Operating Officer

Brian is the Chief Operating Officer for TRAISR. He is the original architect of the software, and while overseeing the group, he is active in all aspects of product development, sales, implementations and client support. 

Jennifer Kamienski
Marketing Director

Jennifer is responsible for all marketing initiatives for McMahon and TRAISR software, including branding strategy, go-to-market initiatives, business/proposal development oversight, corporate communications, Web, social and digital strategy planning and execution, and all content.

Eric Haflett
Senior Business Analyst

Eric's role is to serve as a personal point of contact to guide clients through all phases of their TRAISR experience. From sales to implementaton to support he works closely with our clients to understand how they work and to ensure TRAISR suits their needs and  maximizes their investment

Shane Fitzgerald
GIS Application Specialist II

Shane provides support to TRAISR users, gathers data requirements, and implements new client databases. He is also responsible for testing program enhancements. Additionally,  Shane is one of the primary TRAISR employees on the TRAISR for McMahon Committee, which uses TRAISR for our own internal tracking and data collection.

Amber Blum
GIS Application Specialist

Amber works with client app configurations for data management, along with client GIS data and implementation, and provides client support.

Plus TRAISR's On-Call Support Team

Gaurav Patel
Application Development Mgr

Gaurav's primary role is managing software development and providing technical leadership support for the TRAISR team, which includes supporting existing clients, implementing new features and reporting.

Maddie Callaghan
GIS Application Specialist

Maddie works with client GIS data, as well as implementation. She also does customer support, report configurations and tests new TRAISR features. 

Bill Faries
Front-End Developer

Bill is a Front-End Developer and is responsible for the layout and organization of TRAISR's easy-to-follow user screens. 

TRAISR Asset Tracking & Infrastructure Management Application 

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