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Fox Chapel, PA

Fox Chapel Borough was looking for a system that could house multiple operations throughout the Borough. An updated GIS-based permitting solution was the first order of business. However, the topic of reporting on MS4 standards needed to be addressed as well.


Combining Work Centrl with the web-based GIS has allowed Fox Chapel to complete numerous Catch Basin Inspections and DEP standardized Outfall Recon inspections. In combination with ESRI’s ArcGIS Collector App, TRAISR allows Fox Chapel to locate outfalls in the field, perform inspections, attach pictures, and report on all of it by the end of each year.


  • Asset Centrl

  • Permit Centrl

  • Work Centrl

  • Fleet Centrl


  • More user friendly permitting software with steadfast technical support

  • Needed a way to use GIS without purchasing expensive software to do so

  • Meeting MS4 standards

  • One solution for numerous actions


  • Web-Based GIS and work orders to help with MS4 reporting.

    • Storing of CCTV video inspections, pictures, and videos.

  • New Construction Reports

  • Electronic permitting

    • EAC/Building Inspection Checklists

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Mailing Labels

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