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Hamilton Township, NJ

Hamilton Township uses TRAISR to track Public Works activities and manage Water Pollution Control (WPC). In search of a mapping tool to help with Sanitary and Storm water maintenance, Hamilton received much more from TRAISR by also integrating the Work Centrl module.


The Public Works department is now able to edit GIS for Sanitary and Stormwater features, input “Stop-Up” work orders for blockages and damaged assets, and complete inspections all from their tablets and PC’s. With the use of Work Centrl’s auto-scheduled work orders, WPC staff are able to keep up on periodic maintenance and cleaning of their plant.


Additionally, the Public Works garage use Fleet Centrl to enter vehicle inventory and track Vehicle maintenance.


  • Asset Centrl

  • Fleet Centrl


  • Accessible GIS

  • Tracking resident-reported issue sewer issues

  • Managing WPC

  • Tracking vehicle maintenance


  • Web-based GIS editing

  • Asset management

  • Scheduled maintenance work orders

  • Vehicle inventory tracking

  • Parcel management

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