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Hazelton, PA

The City of Hazleton in Luzerne County PA uses TRAISR primarily to manage their Code Enforcement and Permitting processes.  In addition to the more typical/standard construction permitting process The City took advantage of TRAISR customizability to get creative in using the Permit Centrl module to track other types of activity such as parking permits, rental property licensing and inspections, solicitors, work authorizations, code violations and citations, and even animal permits. 


It was important to the City that their asset management solution be able to share data across departments in order to build efficiency for their field staff who often assume multiple roles.  They developed geographic regions within the City for specific code enforcement personnel to allow them to minimize cross-town travel and help the office staff assign the work to the field staff that is closest to the issue and most familiar with the area and residents involved. 


  • Asset Centrl

  • Permit Centrl

  • Work Centrl


  • Implement technology solution where there was none

  • Code violation and inspection tracking


  • Web-based GIS

  • Asset Management

  • Parcel / Land Use

  • Construction Permitting

  • Code Enforcement

Charles Pedri - Hazleton Code Supervisor & Building Code Official

TRAISR has proved to be a vital asset to the City in providing expedited service and response to our citizens. It also provides a format to input our data and reports that provides easy access to Code records on basis of property address or identification numbers. 

TRAISR's easy to use process and quick response time to address IT problems or concerns provides a successful Code partnership

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