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Lower Merion, PA

Lower Merion Township is a large organization with many moving parts.  They were looking to find a customizable GIS software solution that would allow them to manage many different processes across multiple departments, enable workflow and resource consolidation, and allow them to move away from aging legacy systems.  A phased implementation of TRAISR ensured that each work process and data source could be migrated and integrated accurately and on time. 


GPS devices in Township vehicles means live location tracking as well as township wide project level management of snow removal and trash collection.  Mobile devices in the hands of inspectors means permit inspections, scheduling and code enforcement are now being done in the field in real time which increases efficiency by eliminating double-handling of information and streamlining communication.


Because TRAISR is being utilized across many departments it presents new opportunities for reporting that provides new insight for department and township management into the quality of service they’re providing their residents.


  • Asset Centrl

  • Permit Centrl

  • Work Centrl

  • GPS Centrl

  • Inspections Centrl

  • Fleet Centrl

  • Land Centrl


  • Implement technology solution across multiple departments within a large organization

  • Create notifications that automatically inform users of special conditions on properties such as historic preservation, utility easements and floodplains

  • Detailed tracking of purchase orders for fleet management parts inventory

  • Extensive reporting enhancements


  • Web-Based GIS

  • Asset Management

  • Parcel / Land Use

  • Construction Permitting

  • Mobile inspections

  • Inspection scheduling/calendar integration

  • Fleet management

  • Live vehicle tracking

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