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Sewickley, PA

Sewickley Borough in Allegheny County, PA uses TRAISR’s Asset Centrl module via our Western PA engineering partner, Lennon, Smith, Souleret Engineering, Inc. (LSSE)  as a web-based GIS solution to locate features such as street trees (with tree-specific symbology), signs, and parking pay zones and stations. TRAISR provided an “all-in-one” tool for the whole township, improving communication between departments. This management of diverse sets of data from multiple sources created a flexible solution to suit multiple users.


  • Asset Centrl

  • Work Centrl

  • Permit Centrl

  • Fleet Centrl


  • Require a flexible solution to suit multiple departments and environments

  • Manage their extensive tree inventory with condition ratings

  • Looking to create simplified work flows for specialized functions and field staff

  • Grow asset inventory using mobile devices in the field


  • Web-Based GIS

    • Allowed for mapping new assets throughout the Township and increased ability to grow their asset inventory as staff travels around the Township

  • Specialized symbol sets for unique and diverse asset inventory

  • Management of asset condition ratings using frequent updates to asset attributes from the field

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