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Worcester, PA

Worcester was looking to update their permitting software to allow them flexibility and mobility.  The TRAISR team implemented a new feature that allows them to track overall impervious back to each project that contributed to the total by showing them the added impervious area for each permit issued on that property. 


They wanted to gain a better understanding of how permit activity in the Township affected stormwater issues so they could plan future improvements to their stormwater infrastructure and allow them to meet strict state guidelines.


  • Asset Centrl

  • Permit Centrl

  • Work Centrl

  • Fleet Centrl


  • Needed more efficient permitting functions in the office and the field

  • Needed a way to use GIS without purchasing expensive software to do so

  • Wanted to track addition of impervious surface to parcels over time


  • New functionality to accumulate new impervious surface on a parcel related to permit activity.

  • Storm sewer asset management

  • Web-Based GIS

  • Electronic permitting and Inspections

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Regular property data updates from County

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