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  • Amber Blum

TRAISR's Citizen Reporter Connects Municipalities & Residents

TRAISR has developed a way to connect municipalities with their residents, allowing for faster communication and resolving concerns more efficiently.

Residents can go to a single website to notify the municipality they reside in about different concerns that range from roadways to parks to animal concerns. All a resident must do is access the website with a computer, tablet or phone and a concern can be submitted with ease. Once on the website they can choose from various categories that best fit their concern, fill out a short form, and pinpoint the exact location of the issue. This allows the municipality to have the necessary details to go out into the field to inspect the issue.

When a concern is submitted, it is then imported into TRAISR where, depending on the category the resident chose, it will be directed to the correct department and the person(s) within that department will be notified with an email. The department can then determine the appropriate course of action to resolve the issue. When a concern is resolved the municipality can have a notification automatically sent to the resident that submitted it to let them know their issue has been rectified.

The Citizen Reporter allows municipalities to customize the categories and forms that the residents can select from. TRAISR recognizes that every town is unique, therefore the Citizen Reporter can be built specifically for the needs of the individual municipalities. The Citizen Reporter’s goal is to provide simple and efficient communication between municipalities and their residents.

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